Thursday, 22 November 2012

Turn your hobby into a passion. And passion into a profession

Photography is an art, a way of life. Each photographer chronicles through his camera the age he lives in. With each click, a photographer provides tangible proof that he was there, that he witnessed something extraordinary, and that he had the skills and the means to forever immortalise what he saw.

With art in general, and photography in particular, the artist's creation is a window into his soul. A picture by its very existence is a culmination of a chain of events. It's a journey. Ordinary scenes made extraordinary by the presence of a photographer, salvaging something of beauty which would otherwise be lost forever. It's meeting new people. And much, much more.

At IIP, we understand both the art and the artist. With the advent of the digital camera, photography has been one of the first of the major arts to embrace technology. At Indian Institute of Photography (IIP), we address this dual requirement by teaching technology with a focus on creativity.

Like they say, creativity cannot be taught, it can only be honed. We believe there is a photographer in all of us. With our meticulously designed courses, with impetus on practical learning, each picture you click will be a window into your soul, and the camera an extension of your body.


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