Saturday, 10 May 2014

Learn Photography- Photography as a career option!

What to do after class 12th? What are the best career options for me? Will it be the best suitable career option for me? What am I going to take as my profession?”
Are you fed up of finding answers to these never ending questions? Then, your search stops here!
Nowadays photography is more of a serious profession than just being a hobby or passion. Unlike 1960’s, photography has now curved out as one of the most hunted professions across the globe.
Photography is an effective medium of self-expression. It is that form of art which demands a sense of creativity as well as technical expertise. A person who has an increased appetite for photography or who discovers photography as his hobby then he can take it as his career option and can fruitfully venture into professional photography, make it very profitable at the same time.

In today’s world where media, communication and advertising industries are booming, photography has now become a serious profession with great marketable value. So, this area now offers great scope for those who have great interest and unique traits required to be a thorough professional.
Training in photography hones your intrinsic skills and helps you to outgrow in the field of photography with various specializations like photojournalism, commercial advertising photography, fashion photography, wildlife photography, outdoor photography, etc.

1. Photojournalism - Photojournalism is all about taking pictures of the newsworthy events. If you have a nose for news and you have that ability to discover and record various dramatic actions with your talent, then photojournalism is a good option for you! The job requires quickness, alertness and may often be carried on in terrifying situations.
2. Commercial Photography: This includes photographing for different commercial segments such as for individual products, machinery, home d├ęcor, etc. These pictures have commercial value added to them and are used for the purpose of advertising and selling.
3. Fashion photography: This is most profitable form of photography. Fashion photographers have an eye for detail and should have sufficient knowledge of fashion. These photographers cater to a variety of clients, export houses, fashion designers & brands, portfolios, fashion based magazines and newsletters, etc.
4. Wildlife Photography: What’s most important for a wildlife photographer is keen observation, an eye for detail, a lot of patience to get the required shot and love for nature, wildlife and adventure.
5. Travel photography – For those who love to travel and capture those exquisite locations, local people, food, emotions and all those memories in the camera, travel photography is THE perfect steal for them.


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