Friday, 30 May 2014

Why do we need photographs if we have our naked eyes?

Photo: Ankush Jain

Have you ever pondered on why we humans always believe in capturing what our eyes see?  Let’s take a swim in the ocean of thoughts today and take a deeper look at photography as a need.

Imagine a day when you decide not to take your camera out for any sort of clicks. It’s not that difficult, infact you will be able to enjoy the sight with your naked eyes without the hurry to click what the eyes behold. Take time, see for longer and experience the sight without any sort of distractions. But, what after that? That’s where more questions arise….Will you be able to share what you felt on that very moment, will your eyes retain the evidence of what they saw, will you be able to describe what you felt at that very instant so on and so forth. The questions are endless with just one answer Photography!

Photographs are the ultimate way to capture the stillness that we rarely see in life’s haste.  So, it is nothing less than a therapy for all of us. Now, everyone have their own reasons to take that click but all of us connect with one that is “to capture the moment and have it with us forever.”  But, photographs and this art embrace much more to it than just this.

Photography is a creative outlet. Anyone can push the button on a camera, and point it at something they think looks cool. It’s honestly that simple to be creative.  But, there is actually a lot more to photography than just pointing the camera at something and pressing the button. That’s where you start. Learning to become a great photographer is a challenge. A photographer will always be learning something new, explore new directions, or face new challenges. And that’s a good thing! This is a pursuit that you will never be bored with.

Photos are the best forms of expression and is ever-changing as an individual changes. This is also a fantastic story-telling medium. Whether you’re telling a story with one image, a sequence, a series, or an entire portfolio, the possibilities are endless. Just ask yourself what story you want to tell, and photography can get you there.

Healing, therapy, meditation – photography can be all of these. There are literally infinite possible photographic subjects. Therefore, nurture all the beauty, joy, love, connection, variety, history, adventure, movement, emotion, and awesomeness that makes up life and how would do that? Get out there and experience it?? With just a camera in hand…….The Indian Institute ofPhotography- IIP can also act as your friend and guide to this beautiful art and help you cherish photography forever. 


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