Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Photography as a career? The options are plenty….

IIP Weekend Photography Class Students
Almost every person with a passion for photography has grappled with questions like - How can I make money as a photographer? Is a career in photography even possible? Here is a list of hand-picked careers for photographers who want to focus on the craft, not the business.

The Indian Institute of Photography- IIP is the ultimate one-stop place for helping you choose what career suits you the best as per your skills and inclination. Join the world of opportunities now to embark your journey into the world of photography.

Photo Journalist
Being at the forefront of news and your images being flashed all over the television screens every now and then is a rewarding experience of its own.  Now, this one is a very broad career with cover stories ranging from international issues to local sports events.  So, if you have a lot of passion and perseverance to make your mark in the field of photography this career is for you.

Photography Teacher
If teaching the next generation of photographers sounds exciting to you, a career in education might be your thing. Besides improving your craft constantly to stay up-to-date as a teacher, you’ll be exposed to the boundless creativity of young adults, whose fresh outlook will inspire you.

Portrait photographer
To become a professional portrait photographer, you need to have a strong portfolio of portraits and excellent interpersonal skills. Although a photography degree or certificate might give you some credibility.

Fashion Photographer
Now, fashion photography is a cutthroat business but a career that brings out the best of artistry in you.

Forensic photographer
If you’re a detail-oriented photographer and want your photos to have a concrete purpose, consider becoming a forensic photographer. Your photos would be used as evidence in court cases, so you would need to know how to take photos that accurately represent a crime scene. Now, here one will need more than just photography skills to get involved with forensics.

Photo Editor
If you are more interested in making the clicks more appealing, this one is for you.  Photo Editors are in demand everywhere, whether it is a magazine, newspaper or an advertising agency.  Develop and demonstrate the skills of presenting the pictures in the best possible way and make a mark in this vast world of opportunities. 

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