Monday, 7 July 2014

Photography Courses- It’s time to get out of that auto-mode!

It’s that silly season when everybody is busy finding his or her camera to click pictures in anticipation of that perfect holiday shot. Aren’t you also one of those who are out shooting some crazy happy pictures of a fun-filled vacation?

You literally take thousands of pictures to get those 4-5 flawless pictures that you could frame, flaunt or profile-it! And when you come back & look at those limited perfect pictures, you wonder how did you do it?

Then you realize you switched your camera mode to auto mode and prayed to get the best shot. It’s just sometimes only that your stars get lucky. But when you want to repeat the shot (some time later) then you have to again go through the same long process of clicking thousands of pictures to get that one brilliant shot. And now you are again gravely stuck in the auto mode!

Wouldn’t it be great if you know the exact usage and importance of all those buttons on your expensive camera? Wouldn’t it be nice if you know all the secrets and tips to get great pictures every time you pick up your camera?

Don’t worry; you can now get out of this auto mode easily. IIP, with its vocational and professional photography courses, is all set to teach you how to use your camera like a pro. From its weekend courses to one year dual diploma program in Photography, from one day basic workshop to photo tours, IIP offers comprehensive photography courses that help you master the art of photography in no-time!


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